Managed Broadband

Is your company in need of fully managed end-to-end internet services?

We offer centralised network management, dedicated lines, and flexible setups to suit the bespoke needs of your business. With Hamblett Communications, you will be guaranteed a high-quality, stable connection.

We are an independent provider of IP and Connectivity services. Hamblett Communications is committed to finding you a solution that’s perfect for your business. We work closely with you and your team to discover your needs and provide a tailored service that ensures your business remains well-connected in a fast-paced world of online communication and trade.

Our Services

At Hamblett Communications, our connectivity services are dedicated to ensure that your enterprise network delivers stable performance, high speeds and seamless management that you can always rely on.

Leased Lines

We use private, dedicated leased lines from our robust network to provide your business with internet,
wrapped with a 99.95% uptime SLA and 4-hour fix.


We offer a choice of ADSL connections to allow extra data to be sent over already existing phone lines. Or, a choice of FTTC broadband connections, which are connected to a cabinet to deliver quicker internet speeds.



Hamblett Communications used private, dedicated leased lines from our robust network. You can choose between out SD-WAN for a resilient and intelligent wide-area network, or our multi-protocol label switching services to ensure reliable connections for your real-time applications.

Managed WiFi

With our managed Wi-Fi services, you will receive easy centralised management of your entire network,
including network monitoring and authentication of users