3CX VOIP Phone System

Use our 3CX phone system to accelerate your business growth. You don’t have to rely on phone calls, but you can communicate using Facebook Messenger, Live Chat, SMS, and Video Conferencing. You can do this all from one platform without switching apps! Choose from the desktop, web, or mobile clients, or easily connect a supported IP phone.

Here are some reasons why you should make the change:

1. 3CX scales with your business and is affordable

– No per user per month fee. It is one low yearly cost, which we quote based on the size of the system.

-Control your numbers, bring your SIP trunk, and lower call costs.

-Just simple license editions – No bolt-ons.

-Connect your existing IP phones, and save money!

-Automated upgrades and backups, meaning simple administration

2. Add social messaging and live chat to the mix

-Turn website visitors into conversions with our live chat option

-Customers can call you, free of charge, from your website with a single click

-Impress your visitors by responding to Facebook messages instantly.

-Use SMS to send your customers updates or reminders

-Integrate your CRM so you know who you’re talking to

3. Take your phone anywhere!

-Take calls on your smartphone using your office number

-Android / IOS apps keep teams connected via video conference, calls & chats.

-Includes desktop apps and web clients, which are ideal for enabling people to work remotely.

-Update your business status to show when you’re away on holiday or in a meeting.

-You can remotely manage the users and the system from anywhere.

4. Meet over video conferencing

-Integrated free of charge, with no limit on the meeting duration.

-No downloads are required. Up to 250 members can join from their browser

-Easily schedule meetings and automatically add them to your calendar.

-Enhance your meetings by adding interactive whiteboards, YouTube content & polls

5. Hosted or self-managed? You choose!

-Preconfigured, ready-to-use for up to 20 users.

-20+ users hosted in your dedicated instance

5. Hosted or self-managed? You choose!

-Self-host on Azure, Amazon, Google & more

-DIY on-premise on Linux or Windows

-Switch to 3CX hosting, on-premise, or back to your cloud whenever you like.

5. It’s free, no catch!

-3CX StartUp is free for up to 10 users, hosting included.

-DIY? 3CX is also free forever for up to 10 users.

-StartUp includes free hosting. Dedicated instances get two months free.

-Save on expensive 3’rd party support. Our admin can support you!

-One simple license covers voice, chat, video, and more!


3cx Voip Based Cloud Phone Systems